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Strengthening partnerships

First Nations Strategy is 100% Indigenous owned and Supply Nation Certified*
We work with organisations to strengthen their partnerships with First Nations businesses and communities

Building sustainable business models that incorporate Indigenous knowledge and practices.

We help organisations embrace the value of engaging First Nations communities

We know that developing a First Nations Strategy can be overwhelming. From Reconciliation Action Plans to engagement plans, we help you understand the unique First Nations cultural landscape and work closely with your team to develop a strategy that aligns with your business goals, values, and aspirations.

  • We provide guidance to help you identify culturally appropriate ways to engage with Indigenous businesses and communities.

  • Building trust and fostering genuine partnerships requires a considered approach. We assist you in developing engagement frameworks that support your business; helping you navigate protocols, establish effective communication channels, and foster mutual understanding.

  • Understanding and respecting First Nations cultures is crucial. Our team can design and deliver cultural training to your staff, ensuring they approach engagement with Indigenous communities in a respectful and informed manner. Our programs will enhance your team’s ability to connect, communicate, and build meaningful relationships.

Our Services

Workshop Facilitation

We design and facilitate workshops that inspire action and equip attendees with tools and strategies for effective Indigenous engagement.

Building inclusive spaces to promote respectful dialogue, shared learning, and relationship-building.

Cultural Learning

Encouraging cross-cultural understanding and reconciliation through cultural learning programs and community engagement.

Building respect and value of the diversity of First Nations cultures across Australia.

Reconciliation Action Plans

We help organisations create their roadmap for reconciliation and drive positive change through the crafting of actions and programs to embed reconciliation with the core values and operations of your organisation.

First Nations Strategy

We craft First Nations strategies that foster meaningful engagement and partnerships across the organisation, ensuring recognition, respect, and empowerment of First Nations peoples.

We help identify and implement strategies to increase procurement from First Nations businessesm, enhance economic opportunities for Indigenous communities and create inclusive practices, knowledge sharing, and cultural exchange.

What Makes Us Different?

100% Aboriginal Owned & Managed

As a First Nations business we bring a distinct Indigenous perspective to the way we work, and decision-making processes.

Our Indigenous worldview has shaped our business practices, relationships with stakeholders, and strategic direction, setting us apart from other consultants.

Our work is guided by the core principles of sustainability, community-centred, and a holistic approach to business.

certified & experienced

We has over 25 years’ experience and expertise in leadership development, capability development, business strategy, and facilitation. With a focus on First Nations engagement and strategy we work with businesses and leaders to develop strategies that align with their values and beliefs.

Through our parent company, Elephant in the Room Consulting Pty Ltd, we are Supply Nation Registered.

We see the world through a different lens

From cultural preservation, community engagement and collaboration and inclusivity, to the empowerment of First Nations people, our work is driven by our values and desire to create impact. Fostering the social and economic well-being of First Nations peoples and businesses, creating opportunities for employment and growth and facilitating partnerships and collaboration with businesses, stakeholders, and communities.

We help you create impact

We understand that First Nations engagement requires time, effort, and focus. We help clients create impact through holistic strategies that align with business values, and operations.  

thoughts & Articles

About Us

Jenni Walke is a proud First Nations Bundjalung woman, Founder of First Nations Strategy and Elephant in the Room Consulting Pty Ltd, and co-Founder of the B Impact Collective and INDIGImesh Pty Ltd.

Jenni has over 25 years’ of experience and expertise in leadership development, capability development, business strategy, facilitation, and coaching.  She works with businesses and leaders to understand how they work and develop strategies to solve complex problems through innovative solutions.

Jenni brings a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge to her strategic engagements. As a skilled facilitator, Jenni is able to guide the strategic planning process and structure workshops, ensuring that all stakeholders are engaged, and their perspectives considered.  From facilitating brainstorming sessions, conducting workshops, and encouraging open dialogue, Jenni creates a collaborative environment where participants feel comfortable sharing their ideas, concerns, and aspirations.

Her mission is to create and impactful change for her clients. Jenni enables transformation in small businesses by providing clarity and helping to create systems and processes, while also creating massive cultural change in large complex organisations through her strategic consulting and facilitation.

100% Indigenous-owned and managed consulting firm dedicated to supporting organisations create impact through reconciliation and embedded action.

Working towards a more inclusive and just Australia through First Nations engagement and collaboration.

First Nations Strategy is a trading name of Certified Supply Nation business, Elephant in the Room Consulting Pty Ltd ABN 79 620 818 135.

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